Happy to play and happy to lay

Keeping their sunny side up, our birds at Woodlands Poultry Farm are always happy to play... and happy to lay!

This philosophy applies not only to Woodlands Poultry Farm but to the other Kent farms, within a four mile radius, that nestle... ‘under our wing’.

At Woodlands Poultry Farm, we host 15,000 free range birds. The total number of birds (including those at the neighbouring farms) is 35,000 (*soon to be 40,000). *How things have changed since 1990 when we started with just 100 birds in order to supply just local shops!

Maximum stocking density is 9.7 birds per square metre. Our flock size is 5,500 birds. (*This can be up to 20,000 on some supermarket farms!)

So, there is no question of treading on eggshells when it comes to the welfare of our birds. They couldn’t be better cared for... and the resulting end product is perfectly packaged and ready for eggspress delivery to our increasing number of retail customers....

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